Saxmute ONE Alto saxophone mutes

Saxmute ONE for alto and tenor saxophones

Now you can play your saxophone without bothering your neighbours

Saxmute ONE makes it sound like a radio or a moderate conversation

*In this video, you see an older model of Saxmute ONE. The newer model has slightly different shape and stand mounting, but the same muting capacity and playing comfort.

A normal saxophone loudness level is typically 90—95 dBA, which is characterized "very loud".

It places a saxophone in a row with a chainsaw or a hand drill:

Loudness scale. Shows how open and muted saxophones decibels corellate.

Saxmute ONE truncates saxophone loudness by 30dB — to as low as 55—60 dBA,
which is a normal conversation level, or the background of an average office.

It will not even bother your room mates!

The Saxmute ONE is an amazing product. I believe that you have finally created something that players have needed for a very long time. No other mute works as good as Saxmute ONE. I have tried them all.

Greg Osby, saxophonist, composer, producer and educator

But there are other plastic saxmutes, right?

Yes, there are Best Brass E-Sax Whisper, and its Chinese clone — Vibes Sax Partner.

These are great ones, and they, too, mute very well, but...

...well, what makes Saxmute ONE better than other good saxophone mutes?

Plastic sax mutes have been well known for years. The idea of small enclosure with sound absorbing material has well proved its efficiency. But known plastic mutes have serious issues with intonation, especially challenging in low register. Another issue is too constrained space for player's hands.

That's why we developed this new sax mute for players, who want to practice easily and naturally over the whole saxophone range. We gave more space inside — for air to flow more easily, and experimented a lot with hand holes to make them comfortable for players with various physiques.

Free-blowing, easier in lows, with comfortable handholes, instant installation and accessall that you've missed in "other" plastic saxmutes!

Saxmute ONE (both tenor and alto models) can be mounted onto a regular "PA Speaker stand". Setting Saxmute ONE onto the stand (and pulling it away) takes exactly 2 seconds! Alternatively, Saxmute ONE can be stacked onto any horizontal surface of proper height.

Saxmute ONE Alto also can be used with a neck strap or shoulder harness.

In case you decide to carry the Saxmute ONE on (this is possible for Alto model), we recommend using a shoulder suspension, like JazzLab saXholder, or similar.

So these are the points, why we recommend Saxmute ONE to our customers:

benefits of product

Easy through all registers

Practice the whole range of your saxophone, from the highest, to the lowest without extra effort — almost as easy as you normally play!

benefits of product

Comfortable hand holes

With Saxmute ONE, your arms and hands are positioned naturally, and your fingers have enough room for fast and technical excersizes.

benefits of product

Easy operation

Get your saxophone ready to practice in 4 seconds! You simply put your horn inside the saxophone mute, and close the back lid. That's it!

Customer Reviews

Finally, I can peacefully play at home! I have some cranky neighbours, and couldn't practice as much as I should.

Saxmute ONE gives me hours of practice, which are definitely worth the couple hundred euros, that I spent on the sax mute!

— Giovanibatista, Milan

I already had another plastic saxmute before. But it was too restrictive on sound and my hands didn't fit well inside.

Now, with Saxmute ONE, it's a totally different story - it blows freely, makes no problems with lows, and my hands are now right in place.

— Boris, New Jersey

I have no problems with neighbours, but my husband is not a big fan of chromatic scales and long tones.

So I decided to go for a saxmute. No regrets at all! Excersizing even more than before, and everyone's happy!

— Diana, Toronto


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